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Who are we?

The story of MicroShade starts in 2003, when the company was founded as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute following an idea to integrate solar cells in glass facades. The solar cells are designed to promote energy-neutral air conditioning, whereby the power generated by the solar cells is used to remove surplus heat caused by high levels of solar irradiation, a well-known problem in modern glass buildings.

In 2004, the idea was further developed to also include a groundbreaking passive solar shading system built into insulating glazing. The design is intelligent, meaning that the solar shading adapts to the height of the sun in the sky. Since then, the idea has been further developed and fine-tuned in close cooperation with a number of knowledge centres and architects.

In 2009, Vækstfonden and the Danish Technological Institute made a substantial investment in MicroShade to promote sales and the production of the MicroShade® solar shading as well as further develop MicroShade® Power, which comprises transparent, solar-shading solar cells built into glass facades.

In 2009, MicroShade® was introduced to the market and installed in a number of reference installations in offices and institutions.


MicroShade A/S specialises in developing and marketing advanced, transparent solar shading solutions. Our mission is to create a good working environment and reduce energy consumption in modern buildings with large glass facades, using aesthetic and maintenance-free solar shading.

MicroShade A/S is a technology and knowledge-based company working in partnership with a number of knowledge centres, including the Danish Technological Institute. The company was founded in 2003 and is owned by Vækstfonden, a Danish state investment company, and SET Ventures.

At MicroShade we encourage a good working environment in modern glass buildings.



Eik Bezzel

Direct phone: +45 22 67 36 13
Email: bezzelSPAMIKKE@microshade.dk

Board of Management


Laurits Bach Sørensen

Partner, Nordic Alpha Partners


René Savelsberg

CEO, Set Ventures


Thomas Leth

Managing Director, Hansgrohe Nordic


Nick Stokman



At MicroShade we take a keen interest in what goes on in the world of solar shading and keep track of the most relevant news - and we do also have an opinion about it.

We share both in our newsletters which are distributed 3-4 times per year.

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Main office

MicroShade A/S

Gregersensvej 1F

2630 Taastrup, Denmark

Tel: +45 72 14 48 48

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Sales- NO, DK, AU & Asia

Carsten Vammen

Tel: +45 27 12 65 25

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Sales - NO

Jørgen Gilberg

Tel: +47 95 79 79 70

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Sales - DE, AT, BE, NL, FR, CH, UK, Nordic

Henrik Ask

Tel: +45 81 77 33 00

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Sales - Other EU and North America

Christian Lygum

Tel: +45 21 27 48 27

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Sales - Project & Partner Director

Christian Lygum

Tel: +45 21 27 48 27

Email: clSPAMIKKE@microshade.dk


Sales - Project & Partner Consultant

Hans Korsholm Larsen

Tel: +45 22 14 48 52

Email: hklSPAMIKKE@microshade.dk